David Torres

Welcome to my career bio and online resume

I’ve put this site together to share some of my career passions – building businesses, helping business leaders, designing technology solutions and developing products.  You’ll find my résumés are built specifically to highlight these four dimensions of my career.

Key Skills

Executive Advisor
Strategic Technologist
Product Developer
Business Executive


I’ve worked along side and advised C-Suite executives to help make informed decisions, serve in an interim, hire key personnel and aid in leadership transitions.

Successful technical solutions I’ve delivered don’t grow organically, they are envisioned, designed and continuously delivered and refined through incremental  improvements.

Bringing code and data to life is a passion, a passion I’ve nutured my entire career. I love bringing concepts to reality to drive value to users, grow profits, and expand businesses.

During my career I’ve started new ventures, matured existing businesses, expanded market units, led leaders and managed teams of several hundred professionals.

Client Engagements

20 Year Mission

“I’ve spent over 2 decades advising companies, building businesses and launching start-ups across the globe.

My mission is always to help organizations realize that their human, intellectual and technical capital and capabilities should be treated with the same care as cash equivalent assets.”

Contact me

You can use this handy form to email me if you’d like.  Unless I’m heads down, hands on keyboard, I’ll return your message right way.